Goddess of Wolves, Love, Music and Leisure
Red Head Beauty
(This Character Belongs to River)

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Basic Info
Full Name Ylva
Pronunciation ILL-vah
Meaning Old norse for 'she-wolf'
Born Unknown, about 1300 years ago, looks 19
Current Age Immortal, looks 19 physicaly
Gender Female
Species Goddess
Sexuality Bi-sexual, slight preference for men
Status Alive, in a relationship


Three Triplets, Goddess. The Oldest, Goddess of Horses. The middle, Goddess of Wolves. And the youngest, Goddess of Polar Bears. Whilst the others seem to remeber what happened before the main events in there life, Ylva has no clue what happened, until they decided to go their separate ways, all to Europe. The Eldest went to the U.K., to become an equestrian, as she loved it very much. The middle child decided she would go to Finland, in search of adventure, and to help the wolf population. And the youngest opted for Svalbard, an island owned by Norway, to learn more about the creatures she was goddess of.

The Eldest, whom went by the name of Ebona, loved her sport. One day, a boy of the same age as her, 17, asked for her autograph. She wasn’t exactly famous, but very flattered. Then, he asked her on a date. She agreed, and not long after, they were a couple. A few months later, he proposed. She was taken by surprise, but her heart forced her to say yes. They kept this hidden from everyone, and got married in secret. They felt as long as they were in love, it didn’t matter they broke the law. They were madly in love. What was more important than that?

But sadly, Ebona’s performance in her sport became worse and worse. She started never getting gold, and was lucky to get bronze. She confessed to her husband, George, that she missed her sisters, and that she wanted to go find them. George refused, and said that she stayed in England, with him, or leave for her sisters. It was an easy decision. Someone who would rather your unhappy than leave? She packed her bags, and went to Scandinavia, to find her sisters.

Meanwhile, the middle daughter, Ylva, was in Finland. She watched wolves, and did as much as she could to help them. A Finnish man, over ten years older than her, at the age of 34, saw her many times. He too loved Wolves. He was a Photographer. He normally took photos, but decided to ask her to be a model for him. He helped her and the wolves. Because he had done all this, she said yes. Soon, she fell in love with him deeply, as did he. However, he had a wife, and a child, 8 years of age. However, he bought her a flat where he could spend time with her. He invited her over, whilst his wife was at work, and they spent ages together. She went into the bedroom by accident, and saw photos of him and his wife, happy. He came in, and kissed her.

But his wife came in, and saw them together. She filed for divorce right away. Five days later, she was found dead in a gutter, with slits on her wrists and neck. It was clear suicide. Ylva couldn’t deal with a woman dead because of her. She started to self harm. Then she realised she knew she had to break up with her lover. She spent one more night with her lover. In the morning, she suddenly attacked him, before realizing what she was doing. She kissed him, then said he was scum to ever take her and pretty much kill his ex-wife. She left, to find her sisters.

Mari-Tyra, the youngest, goddess of Polar Bears, lived in Svalbard. She learnt about Polar Bears in great detail. She saw a young man one night, from Mainland Norway, not knowing the dangers of Polar Bears, without a gun. You see, you may carry a gun in Svalbard, due to the large numbers or Polar Bears. She commanded the Polar Bear to stop attacking him, and she tended to his wounds. She took him to her cabin, to look after him for the night, so he wouldn’t have to journey so far badly hurt. She started to fall in love with her patient, and insisted he was still to hurt to leave. He decided he might as well live with her whilst he was in Svalbard. She was under the impression he loved her.

However, when she came home one day, she was upset to find him with a girl. She screamed at him. After he explained that he never loved her, but was grateful for her kindness, she left the home to him, and left Svalbard, hoping to bump into her sisters.

The girls were all visiting Germany, before they set off to find each other. In Berlin, they all met in a coffee shop by accident, and were delighted to be reunited. They told each other what had happened. They were happy again. They no longer needed the men they had once loved. They only needed each other.

They all woke up in a forest, not remebering anything that happened after they met up again in Berlin. They remebered everything else. Although Ylva still couldn't remeber what had happened before she went to Finland. They slept in trees, hoping to find a village they could stay

Background Info
Love = Iiro Alvar, although loves Raoul now
Hometown N/A
Type of Childhood Pleasent
Most Important Childhood Event WIP
Type of Smarts Pretty much all types of smarts
Religious Views WIP
Earliest Memory Playing with a wolf
Family Info
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Step-mother None
Siblings Ebona
Children Leona Mavis

Outasight by sideshowsito-d4knh1b
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Blonde naturaly, red now.
Height 5'7
Weight 110 lbs
Nationality British and scandinavian
Native Language English
Ethnicity Caucasian
Accent British
Handedness Right
Shoe Size 7.5
Blood Type O+
Voice Bold
Eye Sight 20/20
Languages Spoken Finish
Health Status Healthy
Abilities Good fighter
Fast runner
Clothing Style Varies
Distinguishing Marks A scar on her back
Body Style Not sure


General Info

Relationship Status In a relationship with Raoul
Nicknames Mummy
Jelly Baby, mostly just by Raoul though
Sissy, by her sisters
Current Location Village of the Exiled

Raoul's home

Pets None yet
Likes Her friends and family


Dislikes Lies
Cruel people
Fears/Phobias Loosing loved ones
Getting raped
Hobbies Anything to do with Music


Personal quote WIP
Things She Won't Do Lie/Cheat
Person They Secretly Admire N/A
Most Influenced By N/A
Moral Compass WIP
Most Important Person Before Current Life Iiro Alvar
Most Important Person Now Raoul
Immediate Goals Look after Leona
Long Term Goals Get engaged and married to Raoul

Vices None
Bad Habits Holds feelings in normally
Sleeping Habits Has to have something or someone next to her
Quirks Eats jelly babies head first

Dream Job Undecided
Current Job None

Colour Purple
Food Bacon
Animal Wolves
Book "The Magician's Apprentice" by Trudi Canavan




Skills Archery
Pretty much anything that involves shooting something
Bare hand fighting
Weapon of Choice Bow and Arrows
Strengths Offensive
Weaknesses Defensive
Battles Led 0
Battles Been In 2

  • Being goddess of Wolves, she's able to transform into all species of wolves.
  • She is able to summon Wolves to assist her in anything.
  • She may transform into what she calls a wolf person, meaning her wolf abilaties are lessened, but she can still talk. However, she can use this very rarely.
  • She can speak to Wolves
  • Being goddess of Music, she has a naturaly beautiful voice, sometimes making her sisters a little jeleous of her voice.
  • She can play every instrument given to her.
  • She is able to charm sing to people, but not to harm seriously.
  • In battle, she often uses her voice to stop people attacking her, only for five seconds at the most though.
  • Being goddess of love, she can attract the oposite gender, or someone whom is lesbian, to her.
  • She is able to make someone feel love for another. She can decide on the final act for love, but when she leaves them alone, they will have tension in their relationship.
  • She can sense love
  • Because Beauty is conected to love, she is able to alter her apperance slightly, meaning people aren't always sure if she's on there side or not.
  • Being goddess of Leisure and practical jokes, she can cause people to laugh for ages, often helping her in battle.
  • She has the ability to make people happy and relaxed.
  • She if fond of games and jokes.
  • Applying to all serious powers in romance, music, wolves and Leisure, they will drain her energy the longer she performes a power.

General Personality

Ylva is the most jokey of all the triplets. She is a romantic, hence the fact she is a goddess of Romance and Love. She is very deffensive, and anyone who threatens someone she cares about's saftey, she'll put herself on the line. She is some times mistaken for the eldest, although this is rare, due to her protecting them so much. She sometimes finds it hard to control her temper. She is an excelent musician. In all, she's kind. She's also an brilliant fighter.

Reacts to a Crisis? Calmly and calculating, unless it's something with her loved ones, then he gets rather angry.
Face Their Problems? Head on
Reacts to Change Depends on what's being changed
Alignment Lawful/Chaotic Neutral

Attitude Flirty
Personality WIP
Social Skills WIP
Mannerisms WIP
Peculiarities WIP

One Word to Describe Flirty
Best Physical Trait Body
Worst Physical Trait Unsure
Things to Change About Self Nothing
Mental State Healthy
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Emotional Stability Reasonably stable

Greatest Fear Losing loved ones
Most at Ease When? She's with someone he cares about
With Raoul
Priorities WIP
Past Failures WIP
Biggest Accomplishment WIP
Darkest Secret WIP
Secret Known by Anyone? WIP
Personal Tragedy WIP
One Wish WIP
Fatal Flaw WIP

Relationships With Others
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? WIP
Perceived by Strangers WIP
Perceived by Lover Beautiful and kind
Perceived by Friends WIP
Perceived by Family WIP
First Impression WIP
Family/Friends Like Most? WIP
Family/Friends Like Least WIP
Name Relation Feelings
Raoul Boyfriend Love him love him LOVE HIM! I kinda want him to propse at some point
Ebona Sister She's awesome
Mari-Tyra Sister She to is awesome
Leona Mavis Daughter Wow, she was born a few days ago and now she's five!

Current Life

In the forest, she accidently shot Lupa whilst trying to aim for a target on a tree. Lupa and her husband, Capt. Roach Wolf took her to the Village of the Exiled, where she met Raoul , the adopted son of Roach. He invited her to stay at her house, where she was part of a battle between the village and some werewolfs. She saved him, and helped heal the wounded. He took her to the hot springs, where they fell in love.

After a few weeks living together, they were a full on couple. Whilst helping some victims of the way in Vegas, Ylva was kidnapped whilst going back to the hotel, after finding out she was pregnent. She maneged to fight her way out of being rapped, and got back safely. Now two weeks pregnent, it was a suprising thing to do. When they got home, she told Raoul she was pregnant. Not long after, a small battle happened, which resulted in the death of Roach.


Role Character Plays Goddess/Mother/Girlfriend/Triplet
Inspiration Behind Creation None
Future Goals WIP
Current Relationship Raoul
Current Active RP's None