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the exiled wolf village

Welcome to the capitol data base you have seleted exiled village.

The wolf empire as known exilles all those who break the code of the wolf and as such they have to return back to the old ways to survive on their own it wasn't until Roach was exilled fortunately he created a village to give those who have also been exilled a home to call their own. However not all do find their way to the village and as such they go rabid and turn into werewolves now some of the werewolves have tribes but not all of them stay this way for long because they then turn into a full rabid animal that only kills and rapes for fun.


a full werewolf


a werewolf barbarian


the old ways returning Edit

Now in the years roach had made the village the people there made him empior of the exilles and as such he listen to his people and help them as much as he could but when the first vampire war started he was givin a second chance and returned to service but before he left he made one of the village women an empress and gave her his personal samuri guard to prtect her.

Images of the village peopleEdit

C 1229661126639 Samurai Wolf Anthro

wolf samurai

Samurai wolf by spaceweasel2306-d32jx6e

another samurai

Last samurai mousepad-p144237926702912197trak 400

wolf shogun

C1090 kouta wolf warior

personal guard captain

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the empress of the village

Fox Furry Colored by Renegade Samurai

the daughter of the empress

5545 Happy Family

some hybrid villagers