early lifeEdit

  • the winged form of vicky
  • vampire warrior vicky

after her and her brother being born they were put into a orphanage. she was as unique as ella but her powers were very weak except for healing and puting up barriers these were very powerful so as a human she couldn't died from diseases or physical wounds except for severly fattle wounds. she always gets into fights but inside she's very sweet. during elementary school she was very smart and got straight a's and during high school she finished in one year becuase of her smarts. when she turn 6 years old she and her brother got adopted by a vampiric family and she adventured into the forest and nearly got killed by a bear. her adoptive father was watching her and saved her by turning her but for some reason she age as gracful as any human did which was unusual. on her 20th birthday she literally stopped aging. over the years she went around the world learning every combat move and weapon use there is.

skills Edit

control of elements

healing,can now revive herself but only a few time (5 at most)

(side affects of reviving is going into a feeding frenzy )

creating different types of barriers

master of combat and weaponery





create new bodies for souls

can use or create spells

shadow weilder (creates portals to that realm and use it to go to other areas)

create portals ( after going to heaven)

technopath(create and hach into anything that is technological )

meeting ellaEdit

vicky was shocked on how ella and she looked the same the only thing different is there personallity. she liked and hated ella and secertly obsesses about her and is jealose of her. and didnt expect to be her sister-inlaw

shadow realmEdit

after the marrige of her brother and ella , ella showed them her home or in a better saying world. vicky was shock at her house or better yet caslte and that she is a queen and now so is her brother a king. vicky is filled with envy at ella as she gave her brother powers but not her. during the training with v, he lost complete control of his shadow form and making him seem like a demon. during the crisis ella and vicky try to think of a plan but couldnt . so without thinking and dragging ella with her they combined their powers to make a seal for v but the spell couldnt work without a image so ella thought of a sun and vicky thought of a moon. after the spell was completed they were drained and v fell to the ground. vicky saw that and ran to hia aid and tried to heal him but for some reason couldnt. so vicky asked ella to bring them back home. they waited for 2 weeks for him to awaken.

training setionEdit

vicky choose to visit ella to ask her if she can use the training area. so she used her telepathic powers to know where ella is and then used her shadow portal to go to ella. when she came there she heard ella and freddy talking in the training area. she heard freddy asking if ella will hone his fighting skills then vicky came in saying that she'll do it knowing that freddy is a fighter and not ella . ella thought using her powers would hone his fighting skills too so she used snow and wind. as vicky and freddy practice they notice that it was turning into a blizzard so freddy went into noheart form so he wouldnt be affect by the cold but he and vicky couldnt see so freddy asked if she would double team on ella .she said yes so she sneaked up on ella while she sneaking up on ella she told freddy not to use black lightening then used barriar to hold ella then yelled now to fready . by accendent freddy used black lightening then nexted he used a seal. the effects of black lightening on ella was bad because her seal couldnt take it so it broke then freddy's seal went over that seal before it could fully break but the shadow realm went into chaos then back to normal. vicky scared like crazy left the shadow realm after ella's shadow came in yelling at freddy.

the celestial beings Edit

after finding how to use her powers properly she started expermenting on how to get into the shadow realm without using the portal( that the only way that she knew) . then she some how found a whole new world and it was like heaven literly because it was filled with angels. the angels were very friendly and help vicky using her powers even better and they even have an armory and a different fighting styles so she learned that and they taught her about symbols and how to break them and use them, but later was home sick and tried to go it was hopeless because the symbol was too much for her. the angels were unusally happy for her to be staying there. decades went by but still couldnt get out. even though it was like pardise but like a prison too. vicky became part of the army and rose to a general and comanded her own army and fought the darkness that tries to envade their world. she even had a daughter there named her violet becuase she had purple aura and the color of her energy. she grew wings the color of white with golden streaks and flecks of black, becoming a vampiric angel, and her powers grew too and found a way to get out of this heavenly world is to use the symbol that can get her home but then the angels would find out about this so she faked her death then made the symbol to go home to her brother and ella.

crisis in heavenEdit

the underworld is attacking heaven even more now and vicky returned there using her full name victoria. she took her place back and is helping heaven from being consumed by the underworld. 

guardian of heavenEdit

The crack in Heaven which she sealed part way where people can in but not out. She was made the offical guardian of the seal and she can come and go as she pleases. 


there was a story back in time that there was going to a protector and a savior in the future

they were there to stop a great evil and the apocalypse

the protector was the one to hold the evil

and the savior was to seal the apocalypse.

today they will be called victoria (savior) and vladimir(protector)