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Some VE troopers.

Revival of the Vampire EmpireEdit

After sitting around doing nothing Jill and 2nd decided to find what was left of the vampires. After finding all the willing vampires they started rebuilding what was once a powerful empire. 2nd took care of rearming the vampires and restarting all the projects with the help of the old not so ruined archives under the capitol logistics building. When the vampire empire got strong enough they declared war again against the furries.


The vampires attacked all over capturing media stations and bombing transportation hubs. Early on Roach was captured pretty damn easily by the 2nd. EMP bombs were used in effect to take down communications and enemy vehicles. Many cities were bombed and nuked. The war was only lasted a few days before Furry Earth was 90+% vampire controlled with cities like Moscow nuked. Project: Carpet was authorized destroying the Americas, Great Britain, and rendering the planet unhabitable.

Counter AttackEdit

The Furries got a force to attack the main palace. They were killed with remote explosives planted around the palace.