The parents of these two are demanatrix(secon-in-command od the furry god brigade & Freddy(a nine-tails wolf-god & commander of the furry god brigade)


Our family lives in a special section of the shadow realm. Given to Freddy by ella

species: half wolf-god and half white tiger. they are demigod wolfgers


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They both gained their freddy's bone powers to a smaller scale. they both have super speed. they can create bone daggers. they have faster healing abilities than other furry demigods. During their fathers & mothers marriage, Odin,their grandfather, gave them both a piece of his lightning powers. wolga gained demanatrix's crazy personality.

Training for future events

While Freddy was training wolga and wolgo, his mother showed offering to train them. She trained them for a whole year. After this year, Freddy challenged his children to a fight. It ened up a tie because we both rivaled each other in natural abilities.

Special training

Wolgo is being trained by the fuury god brigade to sharpen hand-to-han combat skills.

Wolga was sent to Roach and lupa for sniping training for her lightning.

They both trained for two years.

To test their skills when they came home, I challenged each to a seperate match to test their skills against my own.

i won this fight easily, because i was faster than their movements. i moved faster than they could see.