the center of the capitol

The furry Capitol is a place for all to come and find peace in the galaxy, but the history of the capitol its self is a bit more complex. So let's start from when the Capitol was founded. The Capitol was founded by the three races. The first of the three was the cats, which the cats are mostly diplomats and make up most of the capitols spc ops but the cats are the head of the council. As for the second race is the wolfs which make up the bulk of both the fleet and the marines they are also the second seat on the council and they also make most of the law enforcement of the Capitol. Now for the third race on the council and Capitol is the bears which make for most of the workforce of the Capitol and ground troops of the Capitol's army. The Capitol over its many years has become the number one economic super power making advancements in weapons,medicine, and technology. The Capitol is also known for its entertainment from racing, swimming to movies and theatre arts,and the Capitol also does not have taxes thanks to the credit system. this has been your automated Capitol tour. For more information please see one of our Capitol reaps and have a nice day in the Capitol.


capitol swat team ready to breach and clear