Tank Police11

tank police tanks on the move

The Creation of the Tank PoliceEdit

During a swat operation in new port Roach saw that it took the police 5 hours to take down a drug ring after the skirmish detective Roach went to the mayor of new port and popused to hera new task force attaced to the swat unit. After ten hours the mayor agreed that their should be a new force to take on this new type crime wave in a time period of two weeks the frist unit was sent to a

lunas tank to a regular police tank


the mayor of new port

drug bust where police officeres were out gunned when the crimenals were armed with automatic weapons and rocket propelied granades. However when the two tank police tanks came on the sceen they ended the battle in a matter of minutes and the crime rate went down in the time period of five mounths and in that time Roach was made cheif of the tank police.

More harm then goodEdit

Over time the tank police have casued more damage but in that destrucation and the citizens of New Port believe that the tank police are nothing more then over kill to crack down on crime but crime rate has gone down more then 40% over the ten years that they have been in service.

The MayorEdit

(an argument between the mayor and raoch )

  • mayor*A surgeon operates with a scalpel which he takes good care to sterilize to prevent unnecessary infections. If he uses a TANK, the patient tends to DIE.
  • roach* I resent that! It was you politicians who gave us surgeons those tanks in the first place. Besides, nowadays, tanks are about as effective as toothpicks.
  • mayor* Toothpicks? Well if tanks are no better than toothpicks, what would you propose to help the police in fighting crime? </span>
  • roach* I'm glad you asked me that. I would'nt mind replacing my guns with tactical nuclear weapons.
  • mayor* Nuclear weapons?
  • roach* Nuclear weapons could have stopped wars as the had done, they should be able to stop criminals. Though I'm no pessimist, I don't think we can ever get rid of crime completely.
  • mayor * Roach, you cannot be serious?
  • roach* Deadly serious. It was you politicians who gave us the tanks and told us to fight the bad guys. We can argue over whether the law that set us up, was a good one or not, but the laws the law and no we're here. We're right at the sharp end in the fight against crime and if you want law and order, I've only got one thing to say : If you want us to zap em, GIVE US MORE TANKS! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? THIS IS WAAR AND THE TANK POLICE ARE IN FRONTLINE!