how it was made and foundEdit

before time was time and humans made technonlogy.

the supernatural ruled at that time , the queen Ellinora and king Vlad. they were vampires but different they could eat like a human could and walk in sunlight but they do have to drink blood and they were not pale as death but dark as night. ellinora lived for 500 years before her death. she created that realm, not present ella, the shadows were as powerful as she is and as fast and strong as she is. the shadows were shown as what the person soul is and they were out and not mimicing the person and not in the ground being 2D. the shadows were free as wind and weren't in their realm all the time and people could go there and not get traped. the king was a vampire too and very wise and what kept the city peaceful. the city called utopia because how perfect it was well almost perfect. the city had darkness within it and there was two cities at that time and they were light and darkness. the darkness is what corupted the shadows and what made the queen seal the shadow realm and traping everyone and making them become immortal. during the seal, the king became corupted he tryed to kill ellinora.before ellinora's death she recreated the world one last time where humans ruled and darkness hide and light shows and put a spell on herself so she will be born again and again and remember the past.

present time Edit

at 2 years old ella heard things and asked if anyone heard whispers but no one could and only she heard them. the shadows were glad that the she could here them but they were sad and lonely for milleniums and they realized that she could break the seal. ella loved the company of the shadows where the humans would always leave her alone and she was always alone. the shadows persuaded ella to try to break the seal but she failed for she doesnt have enough power to break the seal. after she left home and went through the forest, the seal somehow broke and ella's shadow came out to teach and show her past. ella has a vampire took control of the shadow realm and became the queen of that realm.

about the realm Edit

the shadow realm was always in darkness

  • this is the moon
  • looks of one of the shadows when in light
  • the shadow realm sun
  • this is the shadow realm's very rare eclipse
  • the sky

the shadows was blood drinkers (becuase they were created by a vampire so they gained vampiric qualities)

shadows loved both darkness and light

the shadow realm's sky has stars and a blue moon but it is a lot bigger than the Earth's moon

shadow realm sun is purple 

the shadows some times can look like blue aliens but most of time are complete black figures of a person

outside of the realm's sections is a black abyss and most is not explored until the methuselahs came.

the shadows are very obedient to their master or king/queen in that realm

shadows eat very little but their slaves do.

after being tainted by darkness the shadows can trap humans in their realm

a great amount of time pasted after ella's disappearance from the shadow realm a new section appeared and now has dragons and other unique creatures.there are areas in the that new section. they are the mist forest, the flat lands, the volcanic area, the parasitic forest, and the water area.

creatures and land Edit