M82 Assault Rifle

The M82 Assault Rifle with a 40mm M203 grenade launcher

The M82 Assault Rifle was a standard issue ISA assault rifle and now is a gangers best friend, it is a Autogun type weapon.

Time in the ISAEdit

The M82 was made and used by the ISA for a period of ten years. After that it was replaced and it is commonly seen in gangs due to it's reliability and short amount of cleaning time all of which make it a perfect weapon for gangers, they are quite rare as most Gangs use shotguns, Autopistols, and other bullet based weapons.


The M82 was replaced by the Lasrifle of the Imperial Guard for it being able to be made in the masses, though Las weapons mean you have to carry a clip recharge bagpack. 


  • Weight:
  • Length:
  • Range:
  • Rate of fire:
  • Zoom: 1.5x Green-dot reflex scope.
  • Magazine size: 32 rounds.

Noteable usersEdit