Lucca flexing

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lucca in his swim trunks

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Lucca being a pure breed wolf is also a demi god his parents are Roach and Lupa his sister is Roxy although he tried many times to join the marines he failed because they keep sending him back. as such his father taugh him to be a marine. Also to make sure ha stayed safe his father put him on patrol detail so he would be safe and still do his part but he always dreams for real combat and not the regular small time crimes and public drunks.

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1. 45 colt

2. spas 12

3. mp5

4. tazer

5. night stick


gets up in the moring and goes to work at the tank police station and does his patrols from 8-12 from 12-1 he works out at a local gym for police and military then eats lunch at the station 2-4 resumes his partol and then puncths his card and goes home to work out more then eats dinner and falls asleep. Then wakes up and does it all over again

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