This character belongs to Audrey Campbell

Leona Mavis

Ylva daughter

General Facts

Name: Leona Mavis



Mum - Ylva

Dad - Raoul



Cute, funny, bubbly and lovable!


After the triplets, Ebona, Ylva and Mari-Tyra, were reunited, they found their way to a forest. After accidently shooting Lupa's arm, Capt. Roach Wolf tried to Arest Ylva, which failed. He instead took her to the Village of the Exiled. There, she met Raoul. Whilst he fell in love with her the second he saw her, she meerly had a very small crush on him. He invited Ylva to stay at his house. After a small battle, where she impressed Raoul further with her combat skills, he tried to make his move on her. It failed, but she was in love with him now. She moved in with him, and now a couple. Soon, Ylva fell pregnant. Eight and a half months later, Leona was born. She was a little premature. Whilst she had no lion features, she was given the name Leona because it means lion. However, she sometimes dresses up as a lion. As she is half goddess and half lion.