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Lannia -Amazons-Goddess

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Lannia the Goddess of Amazons

Early Life Edit

Lannia Chose to be a goddess of Amazons, and War and Dosmetice and Family and Horses and Dogs and Cats and Birds and light and sun and children and love and romantice. Protector of Children, and Domestice Animals. Guardians of Amazons and Childrens. her animal symbol os Wolfdog and Rocky Mountain Horse and Black Cats and


Lannia was born on December 25, Artamia's twins sister Lania is goddess of Amazon and War, and Domestice and Family and Horses and WolfDogs, and Elks and Dolphins and light and Sun, and Children and Love, She is Protector of Children. Guardians of Amazonia and Children, Her animal is Wolfdog, and Horses and Elks and Dolphins.

Lannia Never get along with her twin sister Artamia.


She was relationship with Joey Hawker, . she tell Joey Hawker that she was a pregnant with diana couple years later.