Karla Phoenixflame

"The Girl With A Tongue of Flame"

Karla Phoenixflame
Phoenix lyre






French, Phoenix, English (will later learn Latin)

Known Family



Karla was born like an ordinary child, but was fostered from the age of six by a bird with brilliant scarlet feathers; a bird that was named in myths and legends of which Karla knew not. Not many people knew of the existence of these birds, but everybody knew its name. The phoenix, bird of brilliant flame, immortal and reborn from the ashes every 500 years. Then again, the woods Karla had been abandoned in was teeming with mythical life.... unicorns, phoenixes... you name it, it was there.

So, Karla learnt how to become a phoenix as she grew, letting the passion of the flame enter her heart and her mind. She imagined what it would be like to sleep under a soft coat of feathers, what it would be like to soar through the skies...what it would be like to truly be a Phoenix.

So, she gradually learned to understand the foreign tongue phoenixes spoke, shared their grief, shared their happiness...until one dull grey Friday afternoon (not that she could tell the time) she found out the answer to what she had been wondering all along.

Of course, she found out there was a Tribe living here, in this forest. She was taught to speak English as well as her maiden tongue, French, and they also taught her to write and read, and everything that every normal kid learns (or at least what the Tribe people could tell her).

One day, she remembered that she had entirely forgotten her foster mother, the phoenix to whom she owed her life. She heard the most stricken sound of beauty, as if it was in her mind, and saw her mother soaring away into a patch of cloud.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Can turn into a phoenix
  • Can speak Phoenix, French and English
  • Can control fire
  • Is agile
  • Can shoot fire from her mouth, wings and tail


  • Can still die, even though she can turn into a phoenix
  • Is no good near water
  • Is not good at loving
  • Is far too much of a daredevil; takes unnecessary risks


Karla has long, curled blonde hair and brown eyes that speak in a language of their own. If you look deep into those flaring depths, you can almost hear them hissing in your ears: "You can trust me. I am bonded with the flame."

To this day she has a tattoo of a flame on her arm. She has no clue how it got there.

Phoenix form

Her Phoenix form