Ivy on one of her trips before she left Earth.


Ivy was born to Anippe and Sydney Johnson on the ninth of July. Anippe was one of the few "Ancient" Egyptians, meaning that her family only married other Egyptians that did not come from other countries and acquire citizenship by naturalisationp. Sydney, on the other hand, was a Scot through and through. Three years after Ivy was born, her parents divorced and she lived with her mother, who changed her name back to Orisis. Once Ivy was of age she joined the army. She worked hard and was eventually promoted to Major.

The Capital

Ivy came to the Capital after she accidentally found documents on the planet. Considering the Capital very interesting, she did a bit of digging of her own. She became so enthralled by this planet that she sneaked onto a spaceship that would be passing it, took an escape pod and landed. She immediately enlisted herself into the military there and quickly proved herself to be colonel material.


Ivy met Roach at a bar and they quickly fell maddly in love. To her dismay their relationship died quickly. Though he is not hers anymore she still loves him very much.


Ivy is a bright, happy woman, however she does have a crazy side that is usually seen on the battlefield. She is tough and is almost impossible to push around. Ivy reads and can pronouce Egyptian hieroglyphics as well as being fluent in English, Russian, German and Dutch.