A capitol riot control officer

Welcome to the capitol data base you have selected Hybrid riots.

The Hybrid Riots started over 30 years ago when the capitol started co-living with the human alliance but after the first five years of this children of this where being seen from this act of peace. However some people did like this idea of a animal-human Hybrid doe some high ranking military officers believe that it would be a new breed of super soldier that could change the face of war. However some human citizens did not like this idea and on may 8th of 2069 a human ran a bar that would not allow a few half wolf/human people and when they wouldn't move things got messy. In three hours of fight there was a riot in the city from a distance gun fire and police sirens can be heard and things just got worst as in the first three years of the conflict there were 300 K.I.A. all Hybrids and on the human side there was 600 K.I.A. the riots would not stop until the councilors of earth gave them full rights on July 5th of 2075.

The Known death count of the riots Edit

Human : 2,000 dead

Hybrid : 1,000 dead

police/military: 300 dead or wounded

total death count: 3,300