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There is this thing, inside of me. It is my serious, my hateful side. I keep it locked behind bars of laughter. But when jokes can't quench it's thirst, it comes out... Tha's when you gotta run...


Fact FileEdit

Name: Hailey Quinzy

Nickname: HQ, Doctor Quinzy, Harley Quinn


Species: Human

Intresting Fact: After her cousin gained plant like power, she gave HQ, and HQ only an immunity to poisons and toxins


Wedding bells could be heard, in the sunny warmth of summer, 1989. A beautiful bride and a handsome groom run out of a chapel, and jump into a car, with the sign 'Just Married' on the back. They kiss, and are driven away for their honeymoon.

That was my parent's wedding. I'm Hailey Quinzy, or, you can call me HQ. Three years later, me and my twin sister, Kelly Quinzy, or BW, were born. We inherited our mother's beauty. We were Irish, so we grew up in Dublin. We had two cousins, Penny Idle and Sarah Kart. Our father was horrible to us. He wanted a boy, not two girls. So he treated us badly. At 6, our mother and father died. We went to London, to live with our granny.

We missed our cousin’s lots. But we were happy with Granny. She's really nice. We never had an Irish accent because we lived in London. We grew up learning Irish, Welsh, Scottish and English.

We were really good in school. At 14, we decided to dress up as Batwoman and Harley Quinn. I was Harley, Kelly was Batwoman. She was bullied, because she was a lesbian. But I always stuck up for her. After a while, everyone knew not to bully her.

I went to university early. Kelly didn't go, she decided to finish school before, even though she was given the opportunity. I was also given a doctorate early. In Phycology. I’m currently 22.

Me and Kelly met up with our cousins. Suddenly, we all fainted. We woke up in a forest. We walked for ages, until we saw a village. We ran, and we were invited to stay.


She is very similar to Harley Quinn, just not insane. She’s got a large sense of humor, and is incredibly smart. She always makes an enemy’s death horrid. She’s very flirty.


Word BubbleEdit


HQ -HQ, Doctor Quinzy, Harley Quinn
- "Love is like Poker...There is no Joker"
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"Wanna Play?" Jokey smirk.


HQ's hammer HQ's gun HQ's Gun2


  • Penny Idle-Cousin/Best Friend- She's super duper cool!
  • Kelly Quinzy-Twin Sister- She's mega awesome!
  • Susan Karina-Cousin/Best Friend- She's epica!
  • Mummy and Granny-Family-Super amazing! I wish I got to know Mummy more.
  • Daddy-Father-I never liked him. I don't care he's dead.
  • Susan Karina, my cousin
  • Penny Idle, my cousin
  • Kelly Quinzy, my twin sister
  • Granny