Wolf 2

lunas 2nd body

Early life

Luna was adopted by Capt. Roach at three months old although her date birth is still unknown Roach gaves her birthday on the day she was found under a collapsed buliding while lunas life has been a happy one her father Roach has done everything to give her a happy life as soon as luna five she was enrolled in military school and out did her fathers scores and set new records on the ranges.

Military Career

After Luna turn 18 she was drafted in to the capitol Army and after three tours she then was chosen for the fox corp a hand pick group of people who are skilled in stealh and killing Luna was. After 8 years Luna became a LT. and did only lone wolf missions and haveing a record of over 30 assainations and 50 search and resuce missions that made her a roll model for all capitol spec ops units.


After a few years Luna was captured during a recon mission into the vampire empire she was then imprisoned in a chamber made just for her while there her ex jane a evil vampire warlord drained luna's blood for a project that was made during the second vampire conflict with the capitol. as she was held there she was raped and was about to be used as a brieding tool for janes army but the second in command to jane saved luna and found out what her project was and what lunas blood was for.

The Child

When luna saw what her blood was for it was a baby boy who was going to be used as a weapon to bring about the vampire rule but thanks to the actions of luna and the second she now raises the child as her son along with her wife evo but that would all change in the coming months following.

Luna's Death

Not much is known of how luna died but she on the planet were the capitol was and her soul was taken by her farthers 10th ex wendy, the devils sister as she was luna's pure soul as a weapon to kill everything in the galaxy but roach saved her and put her soul in a cat body.

New Body

during a colony check up mission luna was shoot during a bank hiest but before she died she had killed three of the crimenals and her soul transfeird to a wolf body and now luna goes by the name of luna wolf roach.


primary: m16 assault rufle

secondry: 1911 45 colt

shot gun: spas 12

sniper rifle: 270 bolt action rifle

light machine gun: mg 42 and a SAW

submachine gun: G11

lunachers: AT4 anti tank rocket and a china lane

exsplosives: 5 flash bangs, ten frags , and a whole of C4


lunas original body