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Cleapatra is married to Joey Hawker

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Cleapatra Hawker -Ganger Apprentice and Wife of Joey Hawker. Twins Sister of Oceana, Angelic Sorceress of Light, and Stripper Sorceress, Stripper Dancer, Stripper Model, Stripper Singer.
- " but love is Light, Hatred is Darkness, Sorcery is more powerful then magic, but is better then witchcraft. Joey and I are not evil, but just bad, so we can spy on our enemies. I love Joey more then a world, and Not good then greater, But greater then good. but we are still good boy and girl.
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Into The West~Lyrics

Into The West~Lyrics


Clea is in Big relationship Moment with Joey and Are married. Also his Apprentice.

I love you Joey, I will never cheated on you with someone. You are my hero and Hunter.- Clea


Baby Alexander and Baby Alexis.


Clea is beautiful, and gorgeous and pretty and cute and amazing and has attractive black hair and green eyes sorceress and a stripper.


She is kind and Sweet and Angel and Caring Girl.


Oceana and Clea were born to a woman and man to be a Eldar and Angelic twin: Sorceress of Light and Sorceress of Light.The twins, who became known as: the elder, Oceana, graceful and clever, and the other Clea, beautiful and kind. a few years later, Theri mother die of illness, when they were 10. When they were 13, Their Father married to their Stepmother . When they were 19, their stepmother killed their dad because she dont love him anymore and is after Clea because she want Clea's Soul but Eldar witch want Oceana to help her, but Oceana wont help her, So stepmother put a curse on Oceana, But Clea doesn't this. So, Clea left their house, and she travel to safe. When Clea was 20 year old, She heard her stepmother went out about, and attack Joey, and Clea went to stop her and Chase Eldar witch away, and Help heal Joey. When, She is 21 year old, She work at the Strip club, and she went to bar and met Joey and get engage him. and Eldar witch who came to Clea and Joey and say she want Clea die, but Joey put Clea behind her, and Joey have benn Mentoring Clea how to fight and to defend herself. before the wedding get started and Clea And Joey and Layla and Joe are training and mentoring. Faires went to Clea and Joey beg Clea not to leave, because he love her, she tell him that she love him too.Clea follow the faires to the while Elk, and Someone try to kill Clea, and Joey yell no and clea run to Joey and Joey grab her hand. until an hour Clea went to a walk and Have agruement with eldar witch, and bit the posion apple. Sister Apprentice Layla sense something wrong that: Clea was in danger and Joey and Layla and Joe found her dead, But Sorceress came to tell them that she not dead, that she is poison and tell Joey can wake her up by save her to show her howmuch he care about her, and how much he love her and reveal his heart to her, and give her true love kiss, her spirit came back to her. Joey and Clea and Joe and Layla get married, and Clea is in gang now. She get her new power


  • She can change herself into Cat-girl form
  • She can enhance by singing
  • She can do Angelic by singing
  • She can heal
  • She can Protect
  • She can light way
  • She can glow in light
  • She can grow and have feather Angel wings
  • She can love only one peorson
  • She can speak to Elmental and Eldar
  • She can kiss someone by bring them back life, it is call kiss of Life
  • She can kiss someone to prtect them from getting killed it is call White Kiss.
  • Her eyes glow Purple
  • She can shoot fire from her eyes.
  • She can breathe light soul in someone's mouth to heal them.

Weakness: Darkness.


Name Relation Race Jobs Reason Feeling Thought
Joey Hawker Husband/Protector Human Ganger/Mentor I save him, he owe me one I love him for him I love hm, He love me. weget along , and never fight.
Layla Friend/Sister in law Half Cat, Half Girl Blood Angel/Parern She help me I like her Cool girl
Joe Hawker Brother in law/Friend Human Blood Angel/Mentor Also mentor me I like him lol, like a brother to me
Oceana Sister/Friend


Sorceress I kind trust her I like her i wonder how she doing
Tina Handmaiden/Friend Human Ganger She back me up I like her She is good friend

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Taylor Swift Enchanted Lyrics

Taylor Swift Enchanted Lyrics

This is song for joey, and it is delicate to him,