a time line

Welcome to the Capitol data base you have selected Timeline. 21 b.c.- the cats begain to prosper into an empire

25 b.c.- the wolf civil war broke out over the code of honor

30 b.c.- the bears still fought and killed over anger

35 b.c.- the wolf civil war ended

40 b.c.- the cats started to create art and music

45 b.c.- the bears started a kingdom

fast forward

500-a.d. the wolf empire started space travel

600-a.d. the cats embarked started to colonize space

700-a.d. bears started a monarcy and embarked into space

fast forward

1945- the cats start the furry capitol

1953- the wolf empire finds the cats and the council was created

1969- the bears meet the wolfs on a colony and the bears joined the council

1991- the construaction of the city is under way

2001- a transmisstion from earth is recived

2005- a fleet of 300 ships embark for earth

2012- at 7:00 a.m. in the morning their is a capitol ship over every major city on earth

2012- the capitol ships hacked into the broadcast and started to broad cast their tv stations so that they can inform the people of earth what they look like and how they live this lasted for a whole week.

2012- the capitol ships finally make contact with the UN and meet at the UN building where the ambassador for the capitol showed a hand of peace and promised that the capitol will share their advance tech and medicine with the people of earth.

2015-the capitol begins to find cures for all known cancers and other injorys

2020-the first furry co human colony on the moon

2025- the second co human , furry colony is set up on mars

2030- a third world war begins with germany and america

2035-the war ends when capitol forces were sent in, ending WW3

2040-Japain attacks docked capitol ships in pearl harbbor

2043- the war ends when capitol mech units land in japain

2050-second Korean war begins

2051-north korea becomes apart of south korea thanks to capitol mech units making korea whole again

2060-second veitnam war starts and america goes back

2065-hybrid furrys are wanting rights

2069-the hybrid riots begin

2075-word of the hybrid riots reachs the council and they send in roach to calm the situation

2079-roach is elected president and assimulates the United States into the capitol

2085-the second veitnam war ends with a high KIA list on both sides

2090-the capitol goes to war in iraq

2095-iraq becomes apart of the capitol

2105-china invades alaska

2110-capitol forces are sent in to liberate ancurage

2115-the war in alaska still countinues

2120-the capitols goes to war against the vampire empire

2125-war in alaska is won but with a high KIA list

2126-roach is sent behind enemy lines to leak intel back to command

2127-jill is born

2132-jill sees roach kill her mother and the war between the capitol and the empire is over

2140-the second cold war starts

2145-roach test the soul transfer unit and it works and jill begins her rise to power

2150-the capitol is attacked by jill and she begins the second vampire war

2151-jill gives her speech to her army and shows roach hanging by his arms with stab wounds on his body

2154-the first wave of capitol troops land on the beach head of the vampire empire

2159-the second vampire war ends and jill is sent to prison

2160-the second cold war progress and the capitol is staying out of the war

2165-the UN is disbanded

2170-earth's nuclear stock pile grows to 300,000

2177-all nukes are launched and all of the earth is nuked

2180-the capitol sends in teams to try and find any survivers of the nuclear war

2185-the capitol sets up first add stations for survivers

2190-the first people from the vaults come out and met the capitol

2195-the NCR is made

2205-the first bug war begins on earth against mutated bugs

2210-the bug countinues

2215-the bug war ends

2220-the NCR creates a peace treaty with the capitol

2225- the capitol goes to D.C. to find people

2230-the capitol help victums of the D.C. wastelands

2235-the capitol recives a strange signal from an under water city known as raputre

2240-the first marine unit is sent to the underwater city where the raputre liberation begins

2245-half of the city is under capitol control

2250-all of rapture is under capitol control and rebuilding begins

2255-the city of rapture is open to the public

2260-the capitol colony's begin a revalution for indapendces

2265-the colony's are given there rights and their own planet to call home and the colony republic is created

2270-the war on drugs begins in the capitol and the outter colony's

2275 - the wolf brigade is created to help with the war on drugs

2280-in new port the tank police is created to help with the crime rate

2285-crime in new port goes down by 50%

2290-the drug war in the colony's end but not in the capitol

2295- the council starts operation crack down (to stop any and all mudder, drugs and slave dealing in the capitol)

2305-crime rate in the capitol goes down by 60%

2310-crime rate in new port goes down by 70%

2315-all crime in the capitol is stopped compeletly

i am sorry but all military operation from the years 2320-2335 are classified for level 7 clearance only

2340-the second bug war begins on Gamma colony

2345-the bug war spreads to five other colony's Echo, Foxtrot, Hotel, Indego, Delta

2350-a gang war begins in the capitol between the Blackcats and the Hearts