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the capitol building

Washington, D.C. was the pre-War capital city of the U.S. It became part of the Columbia Commonwealth, along with Virginia and Maryland. After the Great War, the city's radioactive ruins and surrounding areas were named the Capital Wasteland.  

Years after the Alliance came   Edit

In the years after the great war the Alliance stayed away from earth for 100 years but then came back after a vote to try and find anyone still alive on earth and try and rebuild, repopulate, and reform all those who wanted to join the Alliance however the Alliance made a huge impact when they helped with the three problems of the D.C. wasteland. Which were Slavers, Raiders, and Super mutants however the bigger problem was water since all water was irratiated the Alliance Council decieded to fly in water from other planets and give them to the local populase as a sign of good will and peace to other towns and citys.                                                                  

Meeting the Brotherhood Of Steel   Edit

When the Alliance met the BOS it was during a recon mission when LT.Luna was sent to scout out the city for possibal Weapons of mass destrucation (WMD's ) however luna was hit by a car based IED and was nocked out cold, after a few hours she was found by a BOS patrol and was brought to the Cetidel. After an hour she was awaken from which Elder Lyon talked with her, asking her questions about her, what she is, where she is from, and what faction she is with and of coruse she told the BOS everything she could and they were amazied at what she said and even showed them prove of what she said then right at that moment the Alliance between the two fationcs was set in stone. 

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the Jefferson memorial