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Callista, the empress of the village of the exiled, was born from pure shadows. Nobody knows when. Nobody knows how. That's how she came to be. No parents, no relatives, just a teenage girl with cats' ears and a black, furry face, walking around a strange world, with people without fur, and with ears sticking out of the sides of their head, with fur-like hair growing out of their scalps.

Everybody thought this girl, with no obvious parentage or home, was weird, pure weird. They rolled their eyes and called rude names as they passed her, or at best gave her withering glares. She didn't belong in this world. She never did, and never will. So, Callista moved away, embarking on a huge journey, with only a few supplies from the few people who were kind enough to donate them.

She scrambled over mountain and moor, clambered over both stone and floor. Terrain after terrain she survived, every moment risking her life. She found a small village a long way from where she had first started her journey. It was eternally dark, with more furry wolf-people stumbling through the shadows. A white wolf-person sniffed her curiously then stepped back.

"Our leader has come!" he announced. "Our prophecy has been fulfilled."

So, Callista has been empress ever since.