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Artamia The Princess of Huntress

Artamia -Princess of huntress, ( Huntress Goddess)

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Artamia the Goddess of Maiden

Artamia the Goddess of Hunts

Early LifeEdit

After her love died, Artamia chose to be goddess of Hunts and Nights and Wildnerness and Nature and Wolves, and Leopard Cats and Mustangs and Hawks and Stars and Moon and Maiden and Childbirth, and healing and Friendship and Perfume.she is protector of Maiden, and midwife. Guardians of Wolves and Leopard Cats and Owls and Mustangs. Her animal symbol is wolf, and Leopard Cat and Owlz, and Mustangs


Artemia was born on December 24, Artamia's twins sister Lania is goddess of Amazon and War, and Domestice and Family and Horses and WolfDogs, and Black Cats and Amazons and light and Sun, and Children and Love, She is Protector of Children. Guardians of Amazonia and Children, Her animal is Wolfdog, and Rocky Mountain Horse and Black Cat and Amazons Parrot.

Artamia Never get along with her twin sister Lannia.

Artamia's Powers and AbilityEdit


  • She can make things glow in the dark. The longer it glows, the more energy it drains from her. (Night)
  • She has an empathy link with all nature nymphs and animals (Nature)
  • She is able to turn people into any animal connected to her for a short period of time
  • She can turn people that are dying into stars, although only the innocent, such as children
  • Can make anyone around her wish to be her friend
  • She can summon animals to help her.
  • She can heal others and herself quickly
  • She is able to create animals
  • She can't catch any illnesses
  • She has perfect eyesight and memory
  • She is able to talk to all animals
  • She can give people the gift of youth for a couple of years, but after the spell breaks, they then look older than they should by about ten years
  • She can shut all lights out, making people unable to see her
  • She can morph into an animal connected to her
  • She can make stars and move moons
  • She is immortal and forever young


  • She is extreamly clever
  • She is super strong
  • She can run faster than most
  • She is excellent with traps and snares
  • She can see perfectly in the dark
  • Disguise herself as Maiden
  • Disguise herself as Midwife


  • She is weaker without animals near her
  • Wip
  • WIP


  • Wolf furry
  • Wolf


  • bad man
  • Wolf hunters


She is in relationship with Nika (Fox Furry).


Long black hair and Blue eyes.