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Life isn't fun unless you take risks

Runaway by dark spider


Born to a bear furry and a woman, Alexander was the fith child in his family. At 6, he met Diana, and they became good friends. He was poor, she was a princess. But still they hit it off. During the years, their friendship grew closer, to the point he was falling for her. Assuming she felt the same way, he kissed her. At 14 years old, thats when there was a tension between them both.

Diana fell for him, and they dated in secret. Sneaking in a kiss at every moment they could.Although on her 17th birthday, she was put in an arranged marrige...

By now, he was working in the palace, to see her all the time. She went to him and cried. She rebeled against her parents, whom simply ignored her. She was married, but continued her relationship with Alexander. Days after her 19th birthday, Lannia, Diana's mother came to take her away. She protested. She begged for one more night with Alexander. Lannia said yes, but in the morning, neither were anywhere to be seen.

Diana was found, in a forest, dead, her black hair tangeled in a tree, and her skin snow white. She was clutching a photo of Alexander. Blood was on her dress, which was proved to be Alexander's. Lannia revived Diana in a new body, and, after several days of begging, crying and screaming, Alexander. Alexander was given his old body, which only had a few scars. However, Alexander was lost, still alive though. Diana swore to find him again.


Alex is just awesome. He is normally serious, but when near Diana, he softnes up. He loves making guns, motercycles, anything mechanical. He gave Diana her mechanical skills. He is incredibly charasmatic.


  • C2o-Diana's robot-He's a laugh
  • Lannia-Mother in Law...kinda-Not sure yet
  • Family-Family-Love them