Red Rose by fhrankee

This character belongs to Daughter of Lupa
Red Rose by fhrankee

Alanna -Alana, Lana.
- "Red is Rose
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On the 12th June, 1987, two baby girls were born. Their mother took the first, and called her River Melody Song. The father took the second, and called her Alanna Selena Song. They were all very happy. They were born with powers. They could regenerate. They could heal quickly. All sorts of things. Aged 12, their parents died due to a car crash. The girls lived on the streets. A boy, called Derek, invited them home every day. River fell in love with him. Aged 19, he realised he returned the feeling. Alanna stayed single. Derek and River got engaged. A month later, Derek found out some people were trying to kill him. Three months later, he and River married in a private ceremony, with just Alanna to witness it.

“I’ll be back in the morning. I promise” He said

“You’d better” She kissed him, and he left.

She woke up in the morning. He wasn’t there. She waited two years. Nothing. She gave up, and just left to go to the Village of the Exiled, with her sister. Her husband had never been killed, and he was trying to find his wife.



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