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the assault rifle

This main assault weapon system is the 50 cal. Urban Assault System, or U.A.S. for short, but some of the capitol military and law inforcement units like to call it the 50 cal. assault rifle. This weapon is the back bone of the capitol military. It can convert from rifle to light machine gun (LMG) by using the 200 beta drum magzine. This weapon has see service on all fronts, from the beachs of the vampire empire to the urban combat of the capitol, and is still in service to even with the political power change. Now the weapon fires a 50cal. hollow point bullet and is even more deadly when a marksman is using it.

possible replacement for the old assault rifle

semi auto or fully auto

rate of fire 450–635 rounds/min box magzine or 1,200 rounds/min drum

muzzle velocity 2,910 ft/s (890 m/s)

Effective range 1,800 m (2,000 yd)

Maximum range 2,000 m (2,200 yd)

cartride 50cal.

This weapon is a know favorite of Capt. Roach (ret) and Col. luna (active), but some people say that the weapon is a bit overkill for not only military but also law enforcement of the once capitol, however roach said this to the question "this rifle is the only thing that will defend us from foreign invaders, and with its 50 cal. cartridge it will stop a enemy soldier in his tracks, and will pull the capitol through hell and back and I stand by this weapon as such." The weapon not only has a drum magzine, it also has a 302 caliber grenade launcher; long varients of this weapon are being made, and it will see service until a better rifle is produced to replace it.